Well actually I get a whole website.

My name is Joi Carey.

If you are here you either:

A:Know me
B: Came upon on my page looking for the elusive goth girl personal site 
C: Googled my name looking for my photography (It is pretty awesome)
D:  Random Stumble (hiya stranger)

You most likely looked at the gallery first, as thanks to the image driven internet that is what we do these days.
So if you got his far..Thanks for reading!

100 50 random facts about me (If you read them all you get a cookie)

1. I am obsessed with photography. Yes you can hire me or buy my art. I love that.

2. I think Cthulhu is really cute. I really need to re-read all my Lovecraft so I get over that.

3. I love most animals..especially kitties.

4. I love real books.  I have way too many and get grossed out by kindles, but I am coming around.

5. I just moved to North Carolina from Arizona,but am originally from New Jersey , which I still consider home.

6. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it really sucks. I bitch about it over at Chronic Doll.

7. Because of number 6 I tend to eat paleo and gluten free to keep my pain from being too bad.

8. Unfortunately I love cake :)

9. I swam with sharks. It was scary as fuck, but I want to do it again. Though I am bringing a go-pro next time.

10. I love all kinds of music:Metal, Jazz, Goth, Industrial, Instrumental, Classic Rock, Alternative Etc..
Not a big fan of country though I love Johnny Cash.

11. I used to play in bands. I sang and played bass. My RA has pretty much killed the bass playing,
but I want to start making music again.

12. I love everything dark and creepy.

13. I want to have drinks with Poppy Brite, David Lynch, and Clive Barker. They have inspired me for years.

14. I WILL write and edit my first book before I am 45.

15. I was a goth babe of the week (Yes I am old) and that is how my husband found me.

16. I want to do this!

17. I love being in the ocean. I want to get scuba certified. I need to be in open water at least once a year or I freak out.

18. I love roller coasters…especially when your feet dangle.

19. I want to ride a dinosaur.

20. I watch and read way too  much serial killer stuff, but always imagine how I would kick their asses.

21. I am completely and totally goofy…nothing cool about me whatsoever. I am a dork!

22. I don’t watch much TV, but love Twin Peaks, Star Trek TNG, and X-files. Real TV is scary.

23. I was a tomboy when I was little, but now am extremely girly.

24. I love being in the woods or surrounded by trees.

25. Rosemary’s baby lulls me to sleep every night. It drives my husband crazy.

26. I have a rescue dog named Anubis. He is a doberman. We call him Nubie because he isn’t very scary and well.. he has a nub.

27. I have a strange obsession with Ryan Gosling. I think he is creatively creepy, but wears a normal mask. I like that.

28. I think Patrick Stewart is the bomb, but Wil Wheaton bugs the hell out of me.

29. I hate my hair. So I wear a lot of wigs and hair pieces.

30. I want a 67 GTO, though I will take any cool older car pre-1970…well minus a mustang. I don’t like their noses.

31. I have always loved strawberries. I was allergic to them when I was little. Then I could eat them as a teen. Now I am allergic to them again God hates me….

32. Horror Movies Rule!

33. I learned how to drive 4 wheeling in the pits of NJ. This led to me being a very good rain and snow driver.

34. I am super crazy shy. People always think I am a snooty bitch, but I usually just freeze up with new people..unless I am drinking.

35. I love fried chicken.

36. I suck at domestic duties. I need to make a plan to keep my house clean.

37. I have terrible stage fright. Performing or speaking in public makes me forget my words.

38. I am in the process of buying a new home.  It has a magick garden. I hope I don’t kill it with my black thumb.

39. I love old mysticism books. I collect them, but rarely get to  read them properly.

40. I obsessively love my friends.

41. I take too many pictures of myself. This probably stems from the photography bug as well as insecurity.

42. I am 42 years old even though I sound 12.

43. I like cheesy musicals and loved Glee.

44. I have imprompu dance parties in my living room. They make my dog happy and my kitties run away.

45. I love Video Games a lot..But hate all the new games with a zillion buttons to push. SNES!

46. Chocolate Rules

47.I think the US government is getting way out of control, but they scare me …so I will shut up now.

48. I have lost way too many friends, family, and loved ones to cancer. Fuck cancer!

49. I want to learn how to belly dance.

50. I rule!