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The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers Title I Loans, which can help you finance a home renovation project at little or no expense to you. And with a government-backed home loan, you will be eligible for a lower interest rate than your private lender will offer. Getting a HUD Title I loan allows […]

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So last time I had this website up I was living in Arizona, loving my friends, but hating the state. It was just…SO…brown. My husband Greg got a job working at the University of NC so off we went. So now I am living in the lush, green awesomeness that is North Carolina…but have no […]

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First Post!

I finally have my website back up and running. I completely forgot it disappeared when I changed my hosting server. rules! I have to say that..I love Sage. My husband always harasses me about the amount of domains I own so my goal is to have them all functioning by the end of the […]

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